Studentki z Girony wybrały WSTiJO



Hello, my name is Paula, I’m 21 and I’m from Girona, Spain. I study Tourism because in the future I would like to work in something related to tourism marketing or events management. Since I started my degree I had no doubt that I would like to do an Erasmus; so this year I finally decided to do it!

In the beginning, I was undecided between two options; Prague and Warsaw. They were two different cities that attracted my attention and I applied for both. Finally, they gave me the notice that I was going to study in Poland, I was so happy! Moreover, I saw that there was your School, which specializes in Tourism, so it was perfect for me!

I arrived on the 26th of September and I totally fell in love with Warsaw. I really love how different some parts of the city are, for example, the Old Town or the place where I’m living; also in the city center but there are a lot of modern very high buildings. Your gastronomy is also fabulous!

I’m not sure if I imagine myself working in Poland in the future, basically because of the language. I believe Polish is so difficult!  But I’m sure I will come back in the future.

Related to the Erasmus experience, I really recommend to all the students to do it! It’s been an incredible experience and it’s just the beginning. In Girona, we have a lot of Erasmus students in our Faculty, and it’s so funny because we learn a lot. All of them have different cultures and are so different. We don’t have Polish students, maybe because it’s on the other side of Europe. But if any of you would like to come, we will be so happy to welcome you!

My expectation for this semester is basically to improve my English. Also, it’s a good opportunity to “start a new life”. Meeting new people, living without your parents, traveling… I went last weekend to Krakow, and maybe next weekend I will go to Lodz!

In my free time, I really love to travel, meet with some friends to have a coffee, have dinner in a restaurant, or go parting. So if anyone wants to make some plans, I will be delighted to meet you.

I encourage you to do an Erasmus. It’s an experience you will not forget in your life!



Hi, my name is Júlia and I’m 21 years old. I’m from Spain, actually from a small island called Menorca. I’m currently in the third year of Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Girona (Catalonia). 

Last year, we could decide if we wanted to do Erasmus the next year (2023-2024), according to the grades we had. So, they gave us a list of all the cities we could go to, and we had to make a list with our preferences. I put Warsaw the first one for some reasons:

→ Because it was the only one that had subjects related to marketing

→ Because it was the only capital city, meaning that it has more connections with other cities (the other ones were cities so far away from the capital of the country).

→ Because I’ve never been to Poland

→ Because it was a very different culture from mine, it was a very great opportunity to discover it.

→ Because it’s in the middle of Europe and I can travel a lot.

My dream job is to be a marketing or public relations agent in an international company. I would like to work in different cities, as this way you can know the world and learn languages. I do not rule out coming to work here in the future, although I have already had the experience of Erasmus.

My expectations for your school are to improve my English and learn from all the subjects I will do. Also, enjoy learning about Poland and its culture. 

At the moment I am enjoying Poland, and Warsaw in particular. It is true that there are some cultural clashes with regard to Spain, but it is the beauty and grace of coming to study in another country, to know and learn about diversity.

I’ve already been to Kraków, and I must admit, it’s a lovely and very welcoming city. We’re planning to go to different cities such as Vienna, Stockholm, Berlin, Budapest… I wish we could go to all these cities.

I really enjoy playing padel and volleyball. I’m also getting into the world of reading, something I’m very happy about because I’m discovering very good books. 

And nowadays, I’m doing a Photoshop course, to learn a little bit more on my way, and I’m so happy about it.